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Create awareness yet many unaware
September 26, 2010, 9:54 am
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Many Singaporeans not aware of World Car—Free Day initiative

Just like for everyone else, Wednesday was just another typical school day for me. It was only until I open my internet browser and the report on World Car-Free Day on the default xinmsn browser caught my attention. The perpetually jam-packed Clementi road proved the indifference of people to such a day.

Wednesday marked the World Car-Free Day. A day where Singaporeans are encouraged to cycle, walk, or take public transport instead of driving their own car. Although this initiative is theoretically successful, but in reality, the results are disappointing. The awareness they tried to create was responded by indifference and ignorance. Only a handful of people are unaware and do their part to save this depleting planet. Such a person was Jennifer Oh who chose a 1 hour cycling journey compared to a 20 minutes drive to her workplace. Although it was no doubt admirable of such enthusiast to cycle to work,  it is however only 1 out of 365 days that she cycles to work and, when measured, it saves less than one out of a million gallons of petrol.

This draws me to argue that shouldn’t such an awareness be a whole year round and not just a one day attempt? In fact, it should be a lifestyle and natural instinct to save Mother Nature and not be forced upon us. But at this day and age, it is nearly impossible for people to give two hoots about Mother Nature. With rising consumerism and other nonsense, saving the environment is the last thing one everyone’s mind. I’m sure many would not mind paying a few cents more for supermarkets to provide plastic bags for our groceries as long as it convenient for us.

To me, there is not way we can revert back to the days where there was abundance of crude oil and what seems like a never ending flow of natural resources. However, there is still a need to reinforce the need to use such scarce resources wisely and sparingly. We cannot stop people from driving their cars in which they spent tens of thousands on and take public transport. Instead, to further encourage such an initiative, it should not stop at publicizing but to take a step further to incorporate miscellaneous companies for  more active participation on such a day. For example, imagine a whole company of let’s say,  500 employees cycling to work and the impact it would make to all other working adults in Shenton Way. In this way, it is no longer an attempt to create awareness but a statement for the whole of Singapore to follow.


celebrities with not much to celebrate about…
September 19, 2010, 12:09 pm
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None of us can deny that we are unaware of a celebrity’s life.  In fact, their life achievements and failures whether big or small are published on papers globally. Although not for all celebrities, many of them succumb to the temptations in the industry, sex, drugs and alcohol. Examples of such superstars are Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, where reports of them involved in felony were made recently.

What shocked me was not their excessive and abnormal involvement in drugs but how it always seems that their punishment is never as severe as their crime. For instance, Paris Hilton was arrested for the possession of drugs, yet she was given a plea deal which included a fine that is worth lesser than her Prada bag, 200 hours of community service and a drug abuse program. The least I thought the authorities could do was to impose a higher fine since money would not be a issue for Hilton, or at least a compulsory punishment and not one in which she can avoid. Why should Hilton be given a another chance yet first time offenders face heavier chargers in which they have no choice but to complete? True that drug laws in America is much more relaxed compared to Singapore, however it is not Hilton’s first offence. Therefore, technically speaking,  shouldn’t Hilton’s punishment be heavier since she has repeatedly broken the laws and given many chances to repent?

Hilton is not the only example, Lindsay Lohan is another example of a celebrity who receives ‘better treatment’  when on trial. Currently she is facing the possibility of being thrown back into jail for breaching her bail terms in her previous offence. Lohan too has had previous records of felony but yet her previous jail term has been shortened due to the excuse of jail overcrowding. It never occured to me that a jail could be overcrowded and even if i were to close an eye to such a flimsy excuse, Lohan’s sentence should not be shortened without a replacing punishment. In that case, why can’t another regular offender’s jail term be shortened to fit hers?

Undeniably, superstars are given endless chances to redeem themselves, so much so that even when the verdict is already decided upon, it can be easily changed into something lighter so as not to put them out of their comfort zone. Celebrities are humans too and its normal that they make mistakes, but like any other person, they should pay for the mistake they made, accordingly. Such exceptions for celebrities makes me really question what makes us different from them, apart from their fame.

never ending chase
September 10, 2010, 9:36 am
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Recently, a friend of mine was raving to me about the release of the latest ipod nano, in which i was obviously unaware of, and how much he wanted to buy it. No offence to anyone else out there who are eager to get the nano, but dont all ipods whether nano, shuffle or touch serve the same purpose, to listen to great music. Maybe not the same for the itouch as it includes games and tons of other applications that could kill time on a one and half hour bus journey to school. But my friend’s enthusiasm on the latest ipod nano, activated my neurons. The questions that immediately popped out was, will there ever be an end to this chase for the latest technology? Is the current technology not convenient enough for us that we constantly need to upgrade to something lighter, faster and smaller? 

I arrived to my conclusion almost immediately, knowing that there will never be an end to this chase. We have to admit we no longer live in a stone age and thus can no longer use the caveman era as a comparison to our current technological state. So are our expectations on technology are undeniably higher. It is not that the current inventions are not good enough, but it is the greedy nature of humans that we all desire for something better, more convenient, faster, to keep up in this fast paced rat race. I, myself, am guilty of such material desires. Then again, who isn’t? As much as I would like to depend on such technologies, it has already beome a part of us and without it, we are lost. Take for instance the cellphone, can anyone live without a cellphone for a day? I’m making a wild guess that 9 out of 10 would be unable to live without their cellphone. I used to think I was the oddball that cold live without my cellphone. Until one day, I left my poor cellphone alone at home an was uncontactable for a day. The pain of being able to borrow a phone but cannot remember the number is horrible. And the cellphone is just one of the many technological inventions that we rely on. Truth is, we need technology. It is no longer a choice as we are surrounded by technology and depend on it, whether we like it or not. I am pretty sure no one can remember those days without computer, cellphones and ipods. Instead of looking back and reminisce those old school, handwritten messgaes days, everyone is looking forward to the next launch of a possible of the coolest, fastest gadget. Like I said, it is a never ending chase.