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never ending chase
September 10, 2010, 9:36 am
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Recently, a friend of mine was raving to me about the release of the latest ipod nano, in which i was obviously unaware of, and how much he wanted to buy it. No offence to anyone else out there who are eager to get the nano, but dont all ipods whether nano, shuffle or touch serve the same purpose, to listen to great music. Maybe not the same for the itouch as it includes games and tons of other applications that could kill time on a one and half hour bus journey to school. But my friend’s enthusiasm on the latest ipod nano, activated my neurons. The questions that immediately popped out was, will there ever be an end to this chase for the latest technology? Is the current technology not convenient enough for us that we constantly need to upgrade to something lighter, faster and smaller? 

I arrived to my conclusion almost immediately, knowing that there will never be an end to this chase. We have to admit we no longer live in a stone age and thus can no longer use the caveman era as a comparison to our current technological state. So are our expectations on technology are undeniably higher. It is not that the current inventions are not good enough, but it is the greedy nature of humans that we all desire for something better, more convenient, faster, to keep up in this fast paced rat race. I, myself, am guilty of such material desires. Then again, who isn’t? As much as I would like to depend on such technologies, it has already beome a part of us and without it, we are lost. Take for instance the cellphone, can anyone live without a cellphone for a day? I’m making a wild guess that 9 out of 10 would be unable to live without their cellphone. I used to think I was the oddball that cold live without my cellphone. Until one day, I left my poor cellphone alone at home an was uncontactable for a day. The pain of being able to borrow a phone but cannot remember the number is horrible. And the cellphone is just one of the many technological inventions that we rely on. Truth is, we need technology. It is no longer a choice as we are surrounded by technology and depend on it, whether we like it or not. I am pretty sure no one can remember those days without computer, cellphones and ipods. Instead of looking back and reminisce those old school, handwritten messgaes days, everyone is looking forward to the next launch of a possible of the coolest, fastest gadget. Like I said, it is a never ending chase.


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Yes! I agree with the never ending chase! It’s happening everyday, every minute! Like how hard I chased my dad to get me my fabtastic pink vaio.

I guess the more exposed we are to the latest gadgets, the higher are our demands. But at many times, I feel that the world; Singapore is advancing too fast, old buildings demolished, high rise flats built all over the island, why can’t we stop advancing for a minute, and take a second to appreciate our strong culture, to reminise the past? I want to remember that lane that holds my childhood memories,sadly its no longer there.

Comment by espallkaur

It is indeed true that technological advancements did bring about alot of improvements in lifestyles and of course society. entertainment has become much more enjoyable and that itself has become an economical aspect in a sense.

however, it has also brought about a huge and inevitable dependency on it, so much so that not only us teenagers cant live without. it has become a necessity, so much so we cant live without it, as you have correctly put it across in this post. a very appropriate example you have brought up, pertaining to normal daily living and routine lifestyle.

as to the fact that its a never ending chase, it isnt entirely a bad thing. this entity is what keeps us advancing, better living standards, better lifestyles, and hopefully in the near future, better equality especially to the third world countries. it is made possible because the advancement in such technologies actually brings about the ease of production and of course efficiency. this chase may not be such a bad thing after all.

all in all, its up to us to decide if we want to make it a necessity or liability. a very good example you have yet brought up will be the iPod evolution. every single iPod apple came up with serves the exact same thing. what people are actually chasing, in this case, is actually the look of it, and the idea of keeping IN. teenagers especially to give their peers the idea that they are updated, they are IN, which actually brings about the sad part of this chase, where they chase things that they actually do not need.

all in all, technology has its benefits and disadvantages, and the chase for better technology is not be shot down as a wild goose chase.

Comment by dudleylin

Definitely! A looping cycle of perpetual want/desires.

However it should not be viewed as mere greed or want. These human desire for luxury/comfort, also functions as an innate creative drive for us to improve, innovate and invent new technologies to make our lives better, easier and worthwhile.

Not only that, for the users, it also functions as an incentive for us to work/study harder. Though it may sound paradoxical, we end up working and studying harder, to enjoy things that will “make” our life more comfortable and easier.

On the whole, this never ending chase for the latest tools/gadgets. Simply to me, also shows the drive (for improvement) within us human that set us apart from any other species on our planet today, and how we become dominant.

The day our hunger for the chase ceases, is the probably also the day our species stagnate and decline.

Comment by Leonard Chang

“Limited resources vs unlimited wants”, “People are never satisfied”, these are just some of the sayings used to illustrate our unfortunate obsession with chasing after things that we might never get. Human beings are greedy by nature, and the more unreachable a thing is, the more we crave and reach for it. And what do we do once we are able to grasp the desired object in our bare hands? Yes, we start to look for better and newer things to reach for. In this day and age, technology is improving in leaps and bounds as every seconds pass by. Even as I am typing this comment now on my iPhone 4, the stage is being set for the development of iphone 5. However, if we are not such greedy beings, will the world develop into what it is today? If we do not reach for better and better things each time, will we still get to enjoy the technology that we take for granted in this day and age?

Comment by Boon

as you can see, most of the comments before have already steered the conclusion of such an argument, whether will the chase of such technology will continue its never ending path.

the crunch of this entirety is that without such demands, there would be no supply, no advancements and without them, we will probably be living in the stone age.

what is the most concerning issue, is that such chase takes over many other priorities. such chase causes bridges between friends to be wavered, in extreme cases, even burnt down. what used to take ages, anticipation and of course sentimental value, is now reduced to a click of a button. everything is instant. just like how the traditional snail mail has been inevitably taken over by email and online chat engines. the virtue of patience has also been slowly eroded by this. we want results instantly. we want things to be done as quick as possible, causing us to rush, rush, rush and forgetting the value of patience.

technology has brought us good progress, at the expense of many other good values.

Comment by random

Wunderbur! The points that you brought up have accurately summarised the reason for our human race’s obsession with not just apple products but every piece of technology that is already in existence or still in the conceptual process.

Indeed, I feel that the pursuit of us wanting better,faster and smaller technological equipment will never stop. It is hardwired in us. Still, I feel that such independence on technology and its advancement has to be made in moderation. We do not want to end up in a time and space where technology takes control of our lives as humans. In fact, movies like I, robot and surrogates should be taken as warnings for us to contain our greed.

Having said that, i still want an iphone! haha!

Comment by Dinesh

The phenomenon described in your entry cannot be attribute totally to our greedy nature. To do so would be terribly unfair to us, for other factors needed to be taken into consideration. The advertising and packaging done on new products cannot be discounted just like that; their effects are far-reaching and devastating. More than a few has been enticed by them, driving them to buy things they do not need, things that are not as good as they should be. So, how much of this technological race is due to our human nature, and how much of it is not?

Comment by Vincent

While the idea of such a never-ending chase seems daunting, it is undeniable thatvwe are already part of it. However, this does not mean that it is entirely bad, as this will help humankind to progress and not stagnate, and eventually decline.

Comment by Robert

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