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celebrities with not much to celebrate about…
September 19, 2010, 12:09 pm
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None of us can deny that we are unaware of a celebrity’s life.  In fact, their life achievements and failures whether big or small are published on papers globally. Although not for all celebrities, many of them succumb to the temptations in the industry, sex, drugs and alcohol. Examples of such superstars are Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, where reports of them involved in felony were made recently.

What shocked me was not their excessive and abnormal involvement in drugs but how it always seems that their punishment is never as severe as their crime. For instance, Paris Hilton was arrested for the possession of drugs, yet she was given a plea deal which included a fine that is worth lesser than her Prada bag, 200 hours of community service and a drug abuse program. The least I thought the authorities could do was to impose a higher fine since money would not be a issue for Hilton, or at least a compulsory punishment and not one in which she can avoid. Why should Hilton be given a another chance yet first time offenders face heavier chargers in which they have no choice but to complete? True that drug laws in America is much more relaxed compared to Singapore, however it is not Hilton’s first offence. Therefore, technically speaking,  shouldn’t Hilton’s punishment be heavier since she has repeatedly broken the laws and given many chances to repent?

Hilton is not the only example, Lindsay Lohan is another example of a celebrity who receives ‘better treatment’  when on trial. Currently she is facing the possibility of being thrown back into jail for breaching her bail terms in her previous offence. Lohan too has had previous records of felony but yet her previous jail term has been shortened due to the excuse of jail overcrowding. It never occured to me that a jail could be overcrowded and even if i were to close an eye to such a flimsy excuse, Lohan’s sentence should not be shortened without a replacing punishment. In that case, why can’t another regular offender’s jail term be shortened to fit hers?

Undeniably, superstars are given endless chances to redeem themselves, so much so that even when the verdict is already decided upon, it can be easily changed into something lighter so as not to put them out of their comfort zone. Celebrities are humans too and its normal that they make mistakes, but like any other person, they should pay for the mistake they made, accordingly. Such exceptions for celebrities makes me really question what makes us different from them, apart from their fame.


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How is a celebrity different from a normal person? Yes, I feel that you had managed to successfully outline the difference in your entry; the fact that they are very well-known, and how almost everyone knows about them.

While it is true that fame has helped them to escape from various scraps with minimum injuries, it has also managed to land them in hot water most of the time. Fame is a double edged sword; when you become a celebrity, your life no longer belong to yourself. Your private life, your social life; they are all opened to public scrutiny, all waiting to pounce on your smallest mistakes like vultures descend on carcasses. Take Hong Kong movie star and, many say most handsome celebrity Edison Chen for example. It is becoming commonplace for guys to have recordings of their own sex life nowadays; however he was slammed heavily for it when his adult videos was leaked to the public, and his career took a hard hit. Why is this so? This is due to the fact that he is a well-known celebrity, a movie star. Celebrities are placed upon the pedestral for everyone to envy and aspire to be, but any smallest mistakes they make, they will figuratively get things thrown at them.

Celebrities have a social obligation to the people. As celebrities, there is an unwritten rule that they can never make mistakes; and even if they did, they must hide their tracks very well. That is not to say that celebrities are saints; They are human too, and just like any normal regular people, they screw up and make mistakes. However, by giving in to them just because they are celebrities; by not making them pay for their crimes justly, what kind of message are we sending to the general public? Does it mean that just because the judge’s daughter is a fan of Lindsay Lohan and if her father ever sends her to jail, the father-daughter relationship at home will never be the same again; does this mean that he has to indulge his daughter and haphazardly give a light sentence to show that justice is served? I think not. However, it should be noted that prisons in America are now suffering from overcrowding problems; however the point that why it was Lindsay Lohan instead of some fameless and faceless person off the street was very good. Is it because that as celebrities, they deserve our trust more than normal people, and they will truly repent after their short stint in prison? If this holds true, why is it then, that Paris Hilton repeatedly refused to change her ways.

I feel that in the end, celebrities and normal people will definitely have a gaping difference between them. Fame is a powerful weapon and, when put to good used, it can achieve devastating results.

Comment by Boon

I argee that celebs should not be given a lighter punishment just because of their status. Yes, they may be richer and more influential hence being able to get away with their crimes. However, by allowing them to be easier off, it reflects badly for those who see them as a role model and they will undermine the severity of the crimes committed. This will cause more problems in society.

Comment by Fiona

Yes, it is unfair that celebs get away most of the time from their crimes and offences. These people are role models to children and even adults. They sub consciously influence our behaviour. Thus, thinking that they can get away with their drug involvements, fans would then follow suit as the consequences is not reflected by the celebs. In fact, I think rules and regulations should be stricter on the celebrities.

Comment by Carol

These celebrities are constantly landing themselves in deep trouble yet they are given so many second chances. How do normal convicts differ from them! They all have a pair of eyes, one nose and one mouth. The reasons I can think of is fame and fortune. But neither of these two reasons warrant these celebrities the right to get away scot free from their crime. They made a mistake and they should be punished duly. Just like everyone else. Appearing in a hollywood film does not mean they do not need to pay for their wrong doings. In fact, knowing they have the entire world to be accountable to, they should watch their actions. Afterall, choosing this route of fame and fortune is their choice and there are sacrifices to be made.

Comment by Kailing

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