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The passing of a great lady
October 2, 2010, 5:49 pm
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Lady Kwa Geok Choo, as seen here with MM Lee Kuan Yew

As the entire of our country would have known, this evening marks the passing on of one of the greatest ladies in Singapore, lady Kwa Geok Choo, wife of our Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and mother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. She suffered two strokes in May and June 2008, and was bedridden and unable to speak, but remained conscious and able to understand speech. She passed away on 2nd October 2010 at the age of 89.

I would like to express my deepest condolences for the loss of a wife to a great man whose contributions to Singapore are countless, and a wonderful mother to a promising prime minister that has also given much, and still giving to our country.

Behind every successful man, there’s a great woman.ALthough little has been said about her contributions, The things she has done for the family, more so the country as well, is very much worth mentioning.

Being the wife of a man that raised Singapore from what it was left after WWII was no easy feat. As wives, sharing burdens of their husbands is a known thing to everyone. The burden that our MM Lee Kuan Yew carried was not something small, it was monumental. It is indeed respectable for Lady Kwa Geok Choo to brave through the trying periods with MM Lee Kuan Yew. Her support as a wife played a great deal of influence to who MM Lee is today. The decisions he had to make were not the what-to-eat-later kind of decisions but decisions that would impact a whole country. And I am sure Madam Lee was not only his wife, his best friend, but also someone whom he could seek advice from and confide in. It is therefore, evident that Madam Lee played a pivotal role in Singapore’s growth. Braving through the good and the tough times with MM Lee, Madam Lee, to me, displayedher support and love for MM Lee, not a challenge that every woman can go through.

In this very year, we have seen a few deaths of prominent figures in our society like Goh Keng Swee and of course, Lady Kwa Geok Choo. Will the future dwindle for Singapore as more of these figures slowly step down from the rostrum and retire, or would we ride on our forefather’s cornerstone and hopes for the country and continue to progress? To me, it is no doubt that these great role models have left behind a legacy, but they have done their part in building Singapore up to what it is today. It is now the duty of this generation to carry on this legacy and not throw our forefather’s efforts down the drain.


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Denise, I hope that we all will carry on the legacy left behind by our forefathers. The progress we have made is indeed through their tireless efforts and we, as Singaporeans should acknowledge that. Their policies and goals are what make us who we are. The important point I’d like to make is that with the changing times, we also need to be mindful that we cannot rigidly follow in their footsteps. We, have to move forward by setting our own goals and take actions that would get us to achieving those goals.

Comment by Dinesh Sivapragsam

very well written.

Comment by Dudley

Denise, I agree with what you said. I hope that our generation will rise up and so-called “take the reins” of leadership from the current government. A question rose up a few years back. “Will there be eligible leaders emerging from the younger generation, given that statistic have shown a less than optimistic result of their interest in the government and policy setting of their own country?” I hope that things have changed these past few years, and the thinking of the younger generation has somewhat changed. I’d like to see the day that the younger generation step forward to lead the country into prosperity, and not let their predecessors’ work and effort go to waste. However, I also agree with Dinesh. In this ever-changing world of ours, we must learn to think creatively and logically, while learning from the past.

Comment by Boon

I feel that MM Lee’s epilogue was very touching.

Comment by Fiona

Lee Kuan Yew is a great leader, and for a woman to be able to stand at his side and support him, she must be impressive as well. Her leaving us no doubt made a huge impact on the people

Comment by Lee Ying

She was a great woman who has done much for her country. As a mother and a wife, she fulfilled her duties admirably. As a philantrophist, she donated generously. She is a great woman, and many will miss her.

Comment by Jieyee

She is a role model to all of us, and we will miss her terribly.

Comment by Leslie

She has done a lot in her life, and while she was not always in the spotlight, her work nonetheless affects a lot if people.

Comment by Boon

I agree with you! No matter how hard it gets, Mrs Lee stuck by Mr Lee. I believe that right now, Mr Lee will no doubt be the one that misses his wife the most.

Comment by Eric

Will the younger generation be able to step up and take the reins? This is the question that I’m sure has plagued the minds of the older generation. Looking at the situation today, the evolving complications of today’s world requires the leaders of today to think creatively and efficiently. Hence, it still remains to be seen whether the younger generation can ruse to expectations.

Comment by Xavier

She was a great lady, one who deserves respect and admiration, for her dedication to her family as well as to the society.

Comment by Jack

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