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are we spoilt? are we spoiling them?
October 24, 2010, 3:06 pm
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Most of us love to be loved and pampered with gifts; but is our generation receiving way too much of it that it comes to a point that the older generation looks at us and feel that we are very much spoilt? Our generation is indeed fortunate, that we were not born in the WWII era, that we lead such lavish and well safeguarded lifestyles. Knowing nothing about the pain of going through a war and facing life and death situations, we are bound to take whatever we have for granted and not shifting out of our comfort zone.

In today’s newspaper (Oct 24 2010), there was this article under the Special Report section of The Sunday Times, namely “Starting Young”, that talked about teens living the high life. The article talks about teens and their daily expenditure on material goods, that are, in my opinion, not necessities in life but they managed to make them one. One 19-year old was being interviewed by the Straits Times and what she said truly shocked me. The interviewee, known as Rachel claims that she spends about $6000 a month solely on shopping. She said: “If my mother can afford it and buys it for me, i will accept it. If I cant afford it, i wont buy it.” Sounds logical, but what shocks me is the product on its own. She was talking about a $5000 valued Chanel bag that her mother bought for her. $5000 could be a monthly salary for many people and for Rachel’s mother to splurge on her would probably be acceptable if Rachel was a well-working adult with a steady income, however, Rachel happens to be just a 19-year old girl probably still studying.

Many may say that lifestyles of each individual teen differs from each other due to their family backgrounds and their living environments and it is not up to us to judge and assess based on what they do or own. However, if we compare our current lifestyles to that of what our forefathers lived, we could easily conclude that our generation is spoilt and pampered. I believe we are allowed to pamper ourselves and enjoy once in awhile, not constantly. What we are experiencing now is an increase of teenagers looking to please their carnal desires, not necessarily at the expense of their parent’s hard work, but to easily spend their money without battering an eyelid would be very much revoking than admirable.

There are still parents around that instill good habits and make sure they do not spoil their kids, but those numbers are dwindling and steadily decreasing as more young adults that are influenced by this phenomenon take the place as parents. Does this lead to our society being a spoilt and pampered one sooner or later? I hope that such lifestyles will not take over the entire society just yet.


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I was mortified when I read that article, really! And I think it is an inevitable trend for parents to change the moral values they teach their children. I guess it is mainly due to the changing cultures around the world. We are embracing western values of materialism in place of Asian ones of prudence. I guess one way to see it is that, parents are motivating their children to want expensive stuff. Hence, they would work their way to achieve the high-life. Almost like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit. The problem is, the children get the reserve lesson. They think, as long as I’m in the good books of my parents, they’d get it for me. Exactly what my nephew says as well.
Sad. But it’s the reality. Not much can be done to change it.

Comment by Dinesh

I agree that the lives we live are comfortable now and we do tend to take them for granted. But comparing the standard of living now and then is unfair. In the past police men wore shorts. This proves that as time goes by, changes are bound to happen. Since technology and human creativity has allowed the production of such luxurious groups, I do not see why those who can afford it cannot flaunt it, regardless of age.

Comment by Katrina

We all classify our wants and needs differently and thus its not surprising to have teens classifying a pretty chanel bag as a need. Personally, it is a want. But if i can afford it and have it, why not?

Comment by Patricia Lim

I think our society is screwed up. Somewhere, somehow, along the way, some rich dude or dudette warped the idea of luxurious bags and what nots into needs. The fact is our society is already pampered. When we see our lifts under maintenance, we kick up a huge fuss. We write in to the authorities because there is no link way from our flat to the bus stop. Why? Is walking up the stairs that tough. With all the unhealthy food we are consuming, a little exercise could do us good. Also, the umbrella itself is and amazing invention. It would not cost us our life to carry an umbrella to walk to the bus stop when it rains. In this day and age, we are just getting lazier and lazier.

Comment by Kailing

I guess this is more applicable to girls? Guys do not really have such a mentality.

Comment by Aloysious Pang

I still think there is hope for mankind. As dire the situation may seem now, as long we teach our kinds not to be so greedy and bring them up to be down to earth, im sure the future generation would not be so screwed as Kailing has mentioned. We have a responsibility to fulfil in the future as parents and as role models.

Comment by Carol

While many of us may feel that it is inappropriate to spend so much money on a bag for a 19 year old girl, we should consider the priorities of different people. If they worked so hard to earn the money, they should have the rights to do anything they want with it. 🙂

Comment by Fiona

A $5000 chanel bag?! wow. This shows the extent a parent is willing to go to make a child happy. While this is not representative of the parents of today’s society, it paints a picture of a luckier generation, born in comfort and reaping the rewards of our forefathers. While there is no wrong in us pampering our sons and daughters, there is only a fine line between pampering a child, and spoiling a child rotten.

Comment by Vincent

The standards of living has changed, police have changed their uniforms; so why can’t the way we pamper our children change? If we can afford it, why can’t we splurge on our kids? True, pampering and spoiling a child is different; however, as long as parents enforces discipline and instil good values, the value of their gifts to their children should not matter.

Comment by Boon

In the past, when you’ve done something to warrant pride from your parents, you’ll get 20cents to buy a bowl of laksa and a drink; in today’s world, a similar deed may result in a psp or a gameboy, or an iphone. But, are they as different as we seemed to think? Compare the value of money in the past to the present. 20cents in the past was considered a big amount, able to buy a meal for two. By comparing the two ‘rewards’ relatively, the difference is actually not as big as we initially thought. Times change; and we have to change along with it.

Comment by Roger

Hi Denise, you sweet looking girl. You write a very good entry on how the younger generation of today are being pampered. However, I can understand how a parent would feel, for I am a father myself. I will want to give them the best, whatever they want, I will want to oblige them if I can afford it. To me, they are one of the few more important things in the world. I might be spoiling them, and it may end up biting me in the ass when they reach the rebelious stage; however for now, just looking at them smile in happiness is enough for me.

Comment by Philip

Our concept of wants changes with time. With the widespread use of media to advertise the newest products, is it any wonder that children nowadays are asking for such things? While kids in the past might be easily satisfied, we can see that such things no longer works now. However, the difference between pamper and spoil is small, and i feel that parents play a very important role in teaching their kids.

Comment by Jason

A parent’s love for his/her child is a factor that must be taken into account. To them, they are not spoiling the kids, they are just making sure their kids will stay happy and innocent.

Comment by Robin

To give in to the whims of our children, is this not call spoiling them rotten? If we do not put it across that there are things such as rules and regulations, they will grow up to be individuals who are not able to fit into any society modesl.

Comment by Jessy

Kids nowadays are very lucky. Unlike the past, if your parents can afford it, they will get it for you. It seems that the values instilled in us since young are thrown out of the window, the things we learnt returned to our teachers. I feel that the main point is not the amount spent on the gift, but the ratinale behind giving their children a good gift, to remind them that they’ve done a good job, and to keep up the good work.

Comment by random

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